Image of Irene Combo Pack (5, 6)

Irene Combo Pack (5, 6)


For a limited time, preorder Irene 6 and you'll save 5 bucks on Irene 5. Please note that Irene 6 is a pre-order, so this package will ship in September.

Irene #6 is 216 pages, and features Marc Bell, Lucy Bellwood, Nick Cartwright, Marta Chudolinska, d.w., Jai Granofsky, Leif Goldberg, Luke Howard, Ben Juers, Sean Knickerbocker, Dakota McFadzean, Lena Merhej, No Tan Parecidos, Carolyn Nowak, Katie Parrish, Ben Passmore, Jackie Roche, Shennawy, Frøydis Sollid Simonsen, Kevin Uehlein, Tillie Walden, Andy Warner, and Natsuko Yoshino.

Irene #5 is 160 pages, and features Pat Barrett, Jon Chad, Mark Connery, d.w., Fdz, Luke Healy, Dakota McFadzean, Fouad Mezher, Dave Ortega, D. Rinylo, Emanuel (Manny) Schongut, Bailey Sharp, R. Sikoryak, James The Stanton, Andy Warner, and Lindsay Watson.

Irene is edited by Andy Warner, dw, and Dakota McFadzean. It’s a rainbow of color, a dream of beauty, a wild bust of lafter ‘an regular hot stuff.

While supplies last!